Tips on applying make up to suit the occasion

Makeup is a part of almost every woman’s purse, and some products are considered essential. In this article wee will take a look at a few of them and how you should decide on the shade or color when purchasing one. You will also get some useful information about how to apply these items appropriately based on the occasion.


Probably the most common item in a woman’s arsenal, when it comes to makeup. woman with make upMany women do not like to have shiny faces and regularly touch up their nose and face with powder. The rule of thumb when purchasing this item is that the shade you buy must be similar to your natural skin. Never get one that is either too light or too dark as this will make the difference easy to notice. You should also powder your neck a bit so that there will be an even tone. These powders can be applied anytime and for any situation.

Eyeshadow, eyelash liquid and eyeliner

These are products that are often used once a day, and many will only use it when they go somewhere important. Products like revitalash deliver high-quality items with can help you make your eyelashes look long and beautiful. Always make sure that you do not overdo anything as makeup should be applied only to bring out your real beauty. The colors of eyeshadow should not be too strong for a formal or somber occasion while you can go a little crazy in case you are going partying at a nightclub.


This is another important item in a woman’s makeup bag. You will find hundreds if not thousands of shades and colors, and some even have glitter in them. Make sure the ones you buy are hypoallergenic and ill not cause any adverse reactions to your lips. The colors you choose should not be too strong unless you are attending a themed party or an occasion where a dark lipstick will be appropriate.

lipsticksNail polish

This is one cosmetic product that many do not use that often. You can apply one color and have it for a week or even more. You can also be creative when using this product because you can not do designs by even attaching stones to your nails.


Cosmetics are a great way to make you look better and more attractive. However, never wear colors that do not suit the occasion as you may look out of place.…